BTS’s Millionaire Jin Gives Fans A List Of “Cheap” Christmas Gift Ideas

His ideas will make great presents…if your wallet allows it.

There’s only a few days left to go Christmas shopping, but if you’re stuck on ideas, don’t worry. BTS‘s Jin has it covered!


According to Jin, Santa Claus isn’t real, so if you want your loved ones to get presents, you’ll have to buy them yourself. One of these gifts, however, isn’t going to fit under the tree!


On Weverse, a fan reached out to their fellow ARMYs for BTS-inspired gifts they could buy on a tight budget. Instead of albums or photocards, the fan was looking for practical presents that could be useful.

Everyone, I’m trying to buy something related to BTS, but I don’t have much money. What can I buy besides something like an album that I can use in my daily life? Is there anything I can buy besides photo cards or albums? I don’t care if it’s BT21…

— Fan


Santa Jin (aka the King of Promotions) was more than happy to offer his input! LEMONA for better health..?” he suggested, as a LEMONA brand ambassador.



He also hyped FILA and Hyundai, forgetting, perhaps, that a millionaire’s idea of “cheap” isn’t ARMY’s idea of cheap!

If you want to exercise, FILA. If you don’t feel like walking, a Hyundai car..?

— Jin


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