BTS Jungkook’s Adorable Mannerisms At The Calvin Klein Pop-Up Event Steals The Internet’s Heart

A humble and polite king!

BTS member Jungkook surprised fans on May 10 when he unexpectedly attended the opening of a special pop-up store for Calvin Klein’s new collection in collaboration with BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.

From the moment he stepped inside the venue, cameras all around went crazy. Multiple media outlets reported his arrival and his whereabouts at the event.

Though Jungkook being at a Calvin Klein event as its newly appointed global ambassador is not unexpected, most ARMYs were caught off-guard because they were unaware of this schedule. But what shocked them more was his look at the event. Jungkook sported a loose-fitted shirt thrown over a black t-shirt, paired with a pair of baggy black cargo pants. His face was definitely the highlight, though. The choppy bangs and a half ponytail seemed to bring out the childlike charm of Jungkook’s facial features even more.

From the videos posted by multiple guests attending the event, it seems that Jungkook’s attendance was only for a short while. He was spotted filming something on the first floor of the venue while Jennie was mingling with the guests on the floor right below.

Fans noticed that he kept bowing to the crew and the people around during the filming.

His humble mannerism also extended to a particular person at the event, a silver-haired woman who escorted him in and out of the venue. Upon entering the place, Jungkook smilingly walked up to her, giving her a hug.

When he was leaving, she ensured that his way was clear and walked him to his car. Before getting in, though, Jungkook looked back, giving her a high-five and then going in for another hug. This last hug has especially gotten fans endeared, given how he bent down and tucked his chin on the lady’s shoulder, even though he is much taller.

It’s worth mentioning that tucking his chin on the other person’s shoulder while hugging them is one of the most adorable habits of Jungkook. Some previous honorary recipients of this hug include South Korea’s former president Moon Jae In and former first lady Kim Jung Sook.

But no matter how many times ARMYs see him giving his dainty hugs, each time, it hits like new.


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