Here’s How Much It Actually Costs To Dress Like BTS’s Jungkook At The Airport

He’s flexing!

BTS‘s Jungkook recently departed to the USA for the Good Morning America‘s 2023 Summer Concert Series held at Central Park in New York.

BTS’s Jungkook | TV Report

There were some super cute moments, like when Jungkook tried (and struggled) to do his unique heart pose with his hands…

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…and also some chaotic moments, including when a fan ran towards Jungkook. Luckily, the security guards took care of everything before Jungkook could even notice.

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Something else that made headlines was his trendy and comfy outfit. From the oversized fit to the edgy pattern, it just screams “Jungkook!”

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However, it costs a lot to look this good! The Balenciaga Skater Zip-Up Hoodie Medium Fit in Grey is from the Summer 2023 collection and is currently available for $2,250 USD.

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The matching pants, called the Skater Baggy Sweatpants in Grey, are available for $1,850 USD.

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He finished the look with his Supreme Field Backpack (around $300 USD) and the Maison Mihara Yasuhiro
Wayne low-top sneakers (about $400 USD).

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Being this cute? Priceless!

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Check out the full outfit details below.

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