BTS’s Jungkook Named Among Top 5 Most Mentioned Celebrities During FIFA World Cup 2022

He is the only non-player to be in the top 5!

BTS‘s Jungkook was among the top five most talked about celebrities on social media during the FIFA World Cup 2022, according to the data of Netbase Quid.

The BTS maknae was featured on “Dreamers,” the official soundtrack of the FIFA World Cup this year, with Qatari artist Fahad Al Kubaisi. He became the first Asian artist to perform at the opening ceremony of the tournament.

He is the only non-athlete in the top five of Netbase Quid’s list, preceded by Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, and Mbappe. Neymar is the fifth on the list, following Jungkook! Fahad Al Kubaisi is the next most mentioned name at #6.

“Dreamers” built up a lot of anticipation as the song and the official music video were released separately. The eagerness to see Jungkook perform live in Qatar also kept fans on edge. It was his first official solo performance, and yet, not only ARMYs but even non-fans had nothing except praises to sing for him.

Jungkook also met the Korean national team during his stay in Qatar and received a customized jersey as a gift from them.

Thanks to that meeting, player no. 9 Cho Gue Sung caught the eye of ARMYs. A short clip of Cho sitting on the bench went viral when a BTS fan account retweeted the video, which contributed significantly to him becoming the internet’s boyfriend overnight!

Jungkook also inspired several hilarious memes during the World Cup, with “Jungkook won the World Cup” becoming the most frequented running joke among Twitter fans.

Thanks to the golden maknae, ARMYs and non-ARMYs both got to enjoy some incredibly fun moments on social media during the World Cup.


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