BTS’s Jungkook Has ARMYs Convinced He’s Meant To Be The Next Spider-Man With New Vogue Korea Photo

Our Spidey senses are tingling…

It’s no secret that ARMYs have been waiting for Tom Holland to confirm his ARMY status ever since he debuted as the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Flashback to that one time when a lucky ARMY met Tom Holland and took a picture with him sporting a TATA headband.

BTS‘s Jungkook confirmed his own love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he uploaded a video of his pup Bam to his Instagram and ARMYs caught a glimpse of his Marvel collection in the back.

As Jungkook’s cute smile and friendly disposition attracts everyone to him, it’s no wonder fans constantly compare him to Spider-Man!

| Vogue Korea

The “BTS Special” Editions of GQ Korea and Vogue Korea just dropped the pictorials of all the members and one of Jungkook’s photos had ARMYs talking. One of the photos had Jungkook perched on top of a stool in a pose much like that of Spider-Man and ARMYs ran with it with some amazing edits on Twitter!

See some of the best Jungkook x Spider-Man reactions and edits below.

That’s some serious talent!

Imagine how fast the tickets would sell out I—

One ARMY even pieced together the exact way Jungkook might be able to make his way into the next Spider-Man film!

We know that Jungkook as Spider-Man is a long shot, but if we had to choose, Jungkook would be the perfect fit!