BTS’s Jungkook Asks ARMYs To Refrain From Using One Particular TikTok Feature

He would rather ARMYs pamper themselves.

Recently BTS member Jungkook sent fans into a frenzy after he accidentally revealed his secret TikTok account on Weverse.

BTS Jungkook | SBS

Jungkook used the alias “Ian” for this secret account, but after making it public, he switched it to “JK.” Though he told fans he wouldn’t be using the profile much since it has been exposed to fans, he did post a dance challenge with SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu afterward and has been interacting with other people’s videos.

While ARMYs were having fun tracing the meme edits Jungkook has liked on TikTok, the idol surprised them by going live on the platform out of the blue. On July 3, KST, he held a brief livestream on the platform, telling fans that he turned it on only because he was “curious.”

During the short span of the stream, the singer was bombarded with virtual gifts from viewers. For those unfamiliar with the platform, TikTok allows users to buy live gifts and send them to their favorite creators during livestreams. The recipient earns a percentage of the money the viewer spends to purchase the gifts.

Jungkook admitted that he was unfamiliar with how TikTok livestreams work and had trouble even turning it off. Later, he went live again, but from Weverse, and asked fans about the gifts.

When ARMYs informed him that viewers buy those virtual stickers to gift to streamers, he then asked again if there was a way to turn the feature off. Realizing that there was no way to do so, he asked them to refrain from doing it with him in the sweetest way possible. Jungkook said that he does livestreams only because he misses ARMYs, and they shouldn’t spend on those gifts. Instead, he suggested that ARMYs spend that money on themselves.

Needless to say, ARMYs are touched by the kind words of Jungkook.