BTS Fans Call For BIGHIT MUSIC To “Respect” Jungkook And His Solo Music

“Stop stealing Jungkook’s credits.”

2022 has been a landmark year for BTS‘s Jungkook and his solo achievements, but some fans say BTS’s agency, BIGHIT MUSIC, isn’t giving him the respect he deserves.


All seven BTS members are currently pursuing solo projects ahead of their military service, which will end in 2025. Jungkook hasn’t released a solo album yet, but he has dropped several new songs this year, including the 7FATES: Chakho track “Stay Alive” with BTS’s Suga, “Left and Right” with American singer Charlie Puth, and, most recently, “Dreamers” for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

With over 600 million streams, Spotify crowned Jungkook the most-streamed K-Pop soloist of 2022 before changes were made to the original “Spotify Wrapped” list. This is just one of his many chart achievements this year.

Now, however, some ARMYs claim BIGHIT MUSIC is trying to cash in on Jungkook’s success without contributing to his solo promotions. “Seems like [the] company only remembers Jungkook is their artist when it benefits them,” one fan tweeted.

BIGHIT MUSIC has stamped the agency’s name on Jungkook’s latest song credits, rubbing fans the wrong way. Some are accusing BIGHIT MUSIC of doing “the bare minimum” and exploiting the 25-year-old singer.

Thousands of ARMYs have tweeted “BIGHIT RESPECT JUNGKOOK” to draw attention to the issue.

Listen to Jungkook’s chart-topping anthem, “Dreamers,” here:

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