BTS’s Jungkook Invites ARMY To Celebrate His Birthday In A Unique Way

He posted a new selfie, and more.

When the clocks strike midnight in Seoul, BTS‘s Jungkook will turn 24, beginning a brand new chapter in his extraordinary life story.

Jungkook kicked off the celebrations by sharing a new selfie on the Weverse app. The photo clearly shows his new eyebrow piercing and a tie-dye hoodie that is already sold out.

Jungkook | Weverse

In some ways, Jungkook is still the same bright-eyed 15-year-old who tore up the stage with “No More Dream,” but he has also grown up a lot in the past eight years.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

Jungkook captioned his selfie with an interesting invitation. He asked ARMY to send him messages that are “like lyrics.”   

| Weverse

ARMY, how are you doing?!
My birthday is coming soon..!
If there’s anything you want to say to me,
please leave it here! (like lyrics)

— Jungkook

To avoid any confusion, Jungkook clarified that it wasn’t his birthday yet, but he wanted to know what words ARMY has been holding for him in their hearts.

| Weverse

Everyone, it’s not my birthday yet…LOL
Please understand what I intended..! hehe
Regardless of my birthday, please let me know what you’ve always wanted to say to me
in a few sentences like “lyrics” hehe

— Jungkook

As always, ARMY answered his call, flooding his posts with beautiful messages, many of them phrased like lyrics. “I keep reading your comments now,” he wrote. “and these are giving me comfort…♡” In his birthday broadcast, Jungkook used ARMY’s lyrics to compose a song.

| Weverse

Jungkook wasn’t the only BTS member hanging out on Weverse. Jin stopped by to comment on the ad for this week’s Run BTS! episode. As always, he wants to be the first to wish his friend a Happy Birthday!

| Weverse

Celebrate Jungkook’s birthday!


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