BTS’s Jungkook Promotes Fair Trade With His Sold Out Birthday Outfit

Fashion with a cause.

BTS‘s “Sold Out King” Jungkook knows the brand power he holds, and he’s using that power for good.

Today, Jungkook posted a new selfie in anticipation of his 24th birthday, asking fans to send him messages that are “like lyrics.” In the photo, he wears this eye-catching, Hand Dyeing Hoodie by the Japanese clothing brand Children of Discordance. 

Jungkook | Weverse

If you were hoping to twin with Jungkook, well, too bad. The hoodie, which sells for $240 USD, is already sold out!

| @KakePop3/Twitter

The designer behind the brand, Hideaki Shikama, takes inspiration from fashion and music from the 1990s to today. He also creates each item with care for the craft and its craftsmen. According to Children of Discordance’s official website, Hideaki Shikama is committed to fair trade, a practice in which companies in developed countries pay fair prices to the producers of goods in developing countries.

Hideaki Shikama focuses on respect for craftsmen, creators, and producers, working beyond the concept of fair trade for production that creates the sophisticated one off products expressing the attitude of “DISCORDANCE”.

— Children of Discordance website

By choosing to wear the Hand Dyeing Hoodie, knowing his fashion choices influence ARMY, Jungkook has shown support for a brand that strives to do good in the world and encouraged fans to do the same.

Source: Children of Discordance