“Sold Out King” BTS’s Jungkook Causes Calvin Klein Stocks To Skyrocket

He always sells.

BTS‘s Jungkook has proven to be the king of sales once again. Everything he endorses, eats, or wears instantly sells out. After he was announced to have a collaborative project with Calvin Klein, the collection he modeled began selling out in several countries.

“The Jungkook Effect” Calvin Klein’s Latest Collection Worn By The BTS Star Is Reportedly Already Selling Out In Several Countries

Who can blame the consumers? He looks drop-dead gorgeous in those denims.

| Calvin Klein

Reportedly, the company’s stocks also shot up not long after he was announced as the new campaign model. PVH Corp, the owning company of Calvin Klein, experienced a 20% leap in stock prices. It went from $72.26/stock to $88.36/stock in four short days.

| theqoo

The graph below indicates the steep rise in stock price.

| theqoo

Jungkook has pushed the brand to great success. Calvin Klein’s social media posts about the collaboration quickly became the account’s most-liked tweet in just 17 minutes. The engagements were also the best for their account.

According to fans, Calvin Klein’s Instagram post about Jungkook even topped world-famous supermodel Kendall Jenner‘s post.

It seems like everything that Jungkook touches turns to gold. He truly is the Midas of the industry.

Source: theqoo