BTS’s Jungkook Sends A Thoughtful Message To ARMY Taking The CSAT…Even Though He Never Took It Before

The members laughed, but he actually gave great advice!

BTS recently released a kind message for students taking the 2023 College Scholastic Ability Test, also known as the CSAT.

Suga reflected on how fast another year has passed and the previous exam was already a whole year ago.

Suga and Jimin acknowledged the students’ hard work preparing for the exam that may have gone on during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, you have to eat something delicious after like J-Hope suggests!

Specifically, V asked Jungkook to give a few words of advice to ARMY who are preparing for the exam.

Debuting at such a young age and pursuing a different path of life as a member of BTS, Jungkook never took his own CSAT. The members couldn’t help but crack up laughing at his honest response!

Although I didn’t take the CSAT… There’s really nothing else I can say. I just hope you do well.

— Jungkook

The members all chimed in for a funny point: When in doubt on the multiple choice questions, always pick answer #3! Jin agreed with his choice.

However, Jungkook followed it up with his mature and thoughtful words that will definitely be of comfort to ARMY who are taking the exam.

Since you’ve already put so much work in, we’re certain that you’ll get good results. And the weather usually gets little colder by the exam date so make sure to bring things that will keep you warm. Be careful not to catch a cold.

— Jungkook

RM ended the message by stating that BTS is cheering for ARMY with all of their hearts!

Watch the sweet video below.