Charlie Puth Shares The Moment He Knew BTS’s Jungkook Is A Perfect Vocalist

When this happened, he knew Jungkook was on another level!

Charlie Puth and BTS‘s Jungkook are full of endless respect for each other. As colleagues and avid fans of each other’s work, they have nothing but kind words for one another!

Charlie is such a big fan of Jungkook that he compliments him every chance he gets, supported him against internet trolls., and even spilled his love for all BTS members. Most recently, he shared the exclusive story on why Jungkook is what he considers a “perfect vocalist.”

During his recent Buzzfeed interview with puppies, Charlie went in-depth about the process of how Jungkook came to be featured on “Left and Right.” Originally, the song only featured his own voice, but after listening to it, he thought it would benefit from adding another voice.

He shared that not only did Jungkook’s voice add a lot of value to the song, the process of creating the song also surprised him when Jungkook proved his vocals are among the elite artists he’s worked with.

Also the only artists that have ever sent me perfect vocals or recorded perfect vocals in front of me are Jungkook, Boyz II Men, and James Taylor.

— Charlie Puth

There was no tweaking or editing of any kind — All he had to do was add in Jungkook’s vocal file and the song was complete!

He sent me the vocals, all I had to do was just copy and paste and then we were done.

— Charlie Puth

We’re living for every Charlie Puth x Jungkook interaction! 💜

Check out the full interview below.


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