Fans Show Support For BTS’s Jungkook After He Reveals “No One Can Comfort Him”

“You’re perfect, Jungkook.” 💜

A newly-surfaced clip of BTS‘s Jungkook showing his raw emotion has left fans flooding the internet with their undying love and support for him.

The clip surfaced from HYBE’s new museum HYBE INSIGHT where fans can watch various unaired BTS videos such as dance practices, interviews, and more.

Fans felt heartbroken after one particular clip of Jungkook went viral as he exposed the hardships of being misunderstood as an idol.

No matter how much of a hard time I have and become exhausted, no one can really comfort me immediately.

— Jungkook

Upon the news, fans began voicing their support, trending various phrases on Twitter worldwide, including “LEAN ON US JUNGKOOK,” “YOU ARE PERFECT JUNGKOOK,” and “WE LOVE YOU JUNGKOOK.”

Fans spilled their beautifully worded messages for the young singer, praising his courage for his honesty…

…and vowing to always be a place of comfort for him.

In the same way that he provides a source of strength for ARMYs, they are there to return his love.

We hope Jungkook can continue to gain strength from the love and support of his loyal fans!