BTS Is So Shocked By Jungkook’s Insane Artistic Abilities, They Question If He’s In The Right Career

He lives up to his “Golden Maknae” nickname!

The BTS members recently arrived at Cookie Run Kingdom to make their sweetest dreams become a reality! Through their recent collab with the game, the members were given the artistic freedom to create a Cooking Kingdom Fairytale based on their personal favorite desserts.

J-Hope and a few other members shared that they are not so confident in their drawing abilities — but still ended up with creative and cool concepts!

However, the moment Jungkook revealed his drawing, the members were completely in awe of the Golden Maknae‘s skills.

Showering him with praise, every drawing he revealed looked like it had been created by a professional graphic design artist who specialized in video game art. The members found it so cool that they weren’t sure if Jungkook should be a singer afterall!

  • J: “You should join the design team!”
  • RM: “You should do this for a living!”

Meanwhile, Jin and RM compared Jungkook’s drawing to their own work and laughed at the differences.

For the rest of the time, all of the ideas Jungkook presented were loved by everyone.

From his thoughtful inner meaning behind his neat artwork…

…to his cool and adorable villain character concept, it’s easy to image Jungkook creating concept art for games!

He always gives 110% of his effort to everything he does — it doesn’t hurt that he has an exceptional gift for creating art.

It’s hard not to stop and stare at Jungkook’s beautiful creations!

See what else the boys did during Cookie Run Kingdom below.

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