BTS’s Jungkook Boldly Talks About Dealing With “Inappropriate” Fan Behavior

His answer exudes confidence!

BTS’s Jungkook gave an unfiltered perspective of his relationship with ARMYs during a recent interview.

BTS’s Jungkook | Dazed UK

The BTS member is gearing up to grace the covers of Dazed UK, becoming the first K-Pop act in history to achieve the feat.

Ahead of the release of the Autumn 2023 issue featuring Jungkook, Dazed released a story excerpt from the pictorial, where the BTS member talked about various topics, including his current relationship with ARMYs.

| Dazed UK

Jungkook’s affection for his fans has never been a secret. He spends good chunks of his days hanging out with ARMYs on livestreams, always mentions them in every achievement, and even has their name tattooed on his knuckles. But over the last few months, the issue of some fans invading his privacy has become a big issue in the BTS fandom. Jungkook himself has called out stalkers through live broadcasts and Weverse posts, although with extreme politeness. With the repeated breach of his privacy in recent times, ARMYs have been anxious about Jungkook losing his trust in fans. But the singer had something else to say about his dynamic with them.

The singer said he doesn’t “mind at all” when fans tell him not to stay up late or drink too much because he recognizes that they all come from a place of deep interest in him. “It’s not a complicated relationship,” said Jungkook, explaining that he views his relationship with fans as an easygoing one, where both parties can be honest with each other. That is the reason why he can firmly ask them to back off if fans turn up at private places, following him.

It’s not a complicated relationship. I talk to them freely and they can talk to me freely.

— Jungkook, Dazed UK

While Jungkook said he doesn’t mind what fans tell him to do, he asserted that, ultimately, it is up to him whether or not to listen.

It’s my choice to listen to them or not. If they say something inappropriate, it’s also my choice, my freedom, to take that in and accept it or to ignore it.

— Jungkook, Dazed UK

ARMYs couldn’t praise Jungkook enough for his healthy outlook towards this artist-fan relationship and expressed admiration for his mature mindset.