Downy Thanks Jungkook And His “Laundry Fairies” With A Free Giveaway

Downy Korea is giving away free Downy, thanks to BTS’s Jungkook.

Nearly a week after BTS‘s Jungkook accidentally sparked a Downy craze, Downy Korea is thanking him and his “laundry fairies” by giving them Downy for free.


It all began when Jungkook dropped the name of his favorite fabric softener brand on BTS’s fan cafe. Fans immediately went on a spending spree that caused a Downy shortage in Korea. Even Jungkook couldn’t get his hands on any!

“ARMYs… I used up all of my fabric softener, so I have to buy more… but they’re sold out. #armyisimpressive”

— Jungkook


Downy Korea had to release a statement explaining why nearly two months’ worth of their stock had sold out in one day. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world, retailers like Walmart and Target took advantage of the craze by appealing to BTS-loving shoppers in cute and creative ways.


On January 25, Downy Korea thanked Jungkook and his “laundry fairies” via Instagram for the “adorable love” they’ve shown for Downy. To show their gratitude, Downy Korea is now giving away free Downy to a total of 400 winners. The giveaway will run until January 31.

“Thank you for the adorable love you’ve shown for Downy. As a way to express our thanks, we will give out free Downy to the Laundry Fairies who post about it! We sincerely thank you, Laundry Fairies!”

— Downy Korea


Here’s how to participate:

  • Facebook: Comment on this post with the URL that posted the Downey image!
  • Instagram: Leave Mandatory Tag (# Laundry Fairy Certification) required for posting uploaded with Downy Image!
  • Participation period: From January 21 to January 31
  • Winner selection: Facebook 200 each / Instagram 200
  • Winners Announced: Downey Official Facebook / Instagram Notices by February 11
  • Gifts: Downey Perfume Collection 1L * 2 (random fragrance present)
  • Event winners’ personal information will be collected for the purpose of prizes delivery. We will contact you for more information about collecting and using your personal details. If you provide us with unclear personal information or you do not agree with our personal information policy, the winner may be automatically canceled. This event may be changed or delayed due to circumstances.


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