BTS Jungkook’s Message To Actor Park Seo Joon Goes Viral Following The “Dream” Movie Premiere  


No matter how busy BTS‘s members are, they always find time to support their friends.

BTS’s V (left) and Jungkook (right) at the “Dream” premiere.

On April 24, and Jungkook made a surprise appearance at the premiere of Dream, an upcoming film starring V’s close friend Park Seo Joon and IUDream is a sports comedy-drama about a soccer player tasked with coaching a team of homeless players who will compete in the Homeless World Cup.

Park Seo Joon (left) and IU at the “Dream” premiere

Jungkook was noticeably shy as he and V stood on stage before a crowd of reporters and photographers with flashing cameras. At one point, he even hid behind his sign, and V played along.

Public speaking can be extremely nerve-wracking for shy people, even worldwide celebrities. When asked if they had any words of support for Park Seo Joon, V stuck the microphone right under Jungkook’s nose! (Initiating panic mode…) 

Jungkook seemed flustered to be put on the spot, but he quickly recovered. “Seo Joon hyung, fighting!” he said sweetly, wishing his hyung (older friend) all the best with his new movie. 

Naturally, ARMYs are loving Jungkook’s response and the adorable smile that followed it.

The clip has racked up hundreds of thousands of views and has fans falling in love all over again with Jungkook, also known as “Star Candy,” “Puppy Prince,” and a laundry list of other endearing nicknames.

Honestly, can anyone resist his charms?

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