BTS Jungkook’s Gift To TXT’s Hueningkai Is The Realest Older Sibling Behavior

He learned from the best.

TXT members Taehyun, Beomgyu, and Hueningkai, held a live broadcast today where the group’s maknae shared a funny anecdote involving BTS‘s Jungkook.

As the only two groups from BIGHIT MUSIC, the bond between BTS and TXT are much close-knit than a regular senior-junior dynamic. It is reflected in how TXT refers to BTS members as “hyung” instead of “sunbaenim” and the constant and mutual support the two groups show each other publicly. Hueningkai’s story is one more addition to the archives of this wholesome relationship.

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Hueningkai said the first time he tried gosamcha, a traditional herbal tea, was when Jungkook gifted it to TXT. He had brought back some of the tea from a shoot and given it to them when they met at the company’s building. But this sweet gesture soon turned out to be mischievous.

Tasting it for the first time, Hueningkai said he felt like he was tasting dirt.

I first had gosamcha when Jungkook hyung gave it to us at the company. Hyung had come after shooting something. I tried it for the first time and it was like ‘Wow! Really!’ It felt like our body was geting purified…It’s really the taste of nature. It feels like the taste of earth. Wow! It’s unbelievable really.


While Hueningkai was scrambling for words to put his opinion together politely, Beomgyu wrapped up his verdict, saying, “It tasted really bad.” And this isn’t a subjective opinion. Gosamcha is known for being bitter, and few people actually enjoy it for its taste.

BTS tasting gosam tea at a variety show 

Jungkook himself hated the tea so much while trying it out for BTS’s Japanese fanclub content that he once listed it among the things he’s scared of the most!

What are you scared of the most?

Explosions, Cheonggukjang, gosamcha, and elevators.


The fact that he passed it on to the unassuming dongsaengs of TXT despite finding it terrible only shows how chaotic he is as a hyung. Safe to say, his six other hyungs taught him well about how to be a true older sibling.

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