BTS’s Jungkook Gives Two Major Spoilers About His Upcoming Solo Activities

He might have also spoiled something else unintentionally…

On June 30, KST, BIGHIT Music announced that BTS member Jungkook will be releasing his first solo single, “Seven,” on July 14. The announcement was followed by a surprise Weverse livestream by Jungkook, where he talked about the song and more with fans.

Jungkook excitedly shared that the track is going to be “great” and asked fans to look forward to it. He added that the song will show new colors and musicality he hasn’t shown fans before. Talking about the process of recording the song, Jungkook said that he listened to the demo while in a meeting with Bang Si Hyuk and immediately wanted to work on it.

The singer also gave fans two major spoilers. Anticipating that fans probably want more new music from him, Jungkook assured that the single is not the only thing he is planning to release. He is also working on a solo album and is excited to share it with fans.

Then, he proceeded to give fans the second spoiler, confirming that the song will have a music video, and he has filmed it already!

While reading the comments, when Jungkook saw a fan saying that July 14 is their father’s birthday, he replied that then he should give them a shoutout from “the stage.” Though he mentioned it on the passing, fans believe it was another spoiler, though given unintentionally.

Later in the livestream, Jungkook was eager to give some more spoilers about the song but deflected, joking that the HYBE employees monitoring the livestream wouldn’t be able to handle it!

Meanwhile, “Seven” comes out on July 14, 1 pm, KST. The song, described as “an invigorating’ summer song’ that is sure to have you experience the full breadth of Jungkook’s charm,” has already created a huge buzz on social media, occupying the top trending spots on Twitter.


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