Here’s Everything You’ll Get In BTS Jungkook’s “Golden” Solo Album

Photocards, posters, different versions, and more!

BIGHIT Music recently revealed BTS Jungkook‘s highly-anticipated solo debut album, Golden. Following the announcement, the company revealed what fans can expect to receive when purchasing the album.

There are three versions of the standard album: Shine, Solid, and Substance (There is also a Weverse version that varies slightly and will be touched upon at the end).

Each version comes with its own Book Case: Shine is green, Solid is ivory, and Substance is navy blue.

Each version contains its own unique photobook with 64 pages.

The CD and CD envelope matches the color scheme of each version.

There are also 3 versions of post cards corresponding with each version. Each album comes with 2 out of 3 possible post cards, meaning there are 9 post cards available in total.

There will also be 1 out of 3 posters per version, meaning there are 9 posters in total.

Each album comes with 2 out 4 photocards. Unlike the previous items, any album may receive any version of photocards.

You will also receive two symbol stickers…

…and a contents envelope that matches your designated album.

The Weverse version has some key differences to the other albums.

This includes a 56 page photobook, a QR card, and a user guide.

Each album comes with 1 of 3 original post cards.

It will also contain 1 of 2 original photocards.

There is also a corresponding contents envelope.

The album is currently available for pre-order and will be officially released on November 3, 2023.

Source: Weverse