BTS’s Jungkook Tries A New Hairstyle — And Fans Think It’s So “Jungkook”

Only he can pull this style off!

In BTS‘s press conference for the release of their latest album “BE,” Jungkook sported a new hairstyle that’s drawing tons of reactions from fans.

| BigHit Entertainment

He revealed he’s currently growing his hair out in order to try new hairstyles, including the asymmetrical look he recently debuted.

Showing off his undercut, Jungkook slicked back half of his hair to reveal his stunning facial features.

The other side, he let fall naturally and complimented it with a dangling earring.

As the back of his hair gets longer, it seems he’s in the beginning stages of a mullet that was trendy in K-Pop for a while.

Some people may love the hairstyle while others prefer a shorter look. Regardless, ARMYs love watching Jungkook expressing himself as he wants!

Jungkook wins with his face…

He’s handsome no matter what

Our Jungkook, do whatever you want with your hair💜

— Netizens

| BigHit Entertainment

He can do no wrong looking this cute!

Source: TheQoo


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