BTS’s Jungkook Hilariously Withdraws His Words After Promising To Help ARMY

He was ready to square up until…

BTS member Jungkook is one of those idols who could really be considered a virtual best friend of his fans. The singer often hosts livestreams for ARMYs, to have heart-to-hearts while drinking, show them his new recipes, or even work out while they watch.

BTS’s Jungkook | Weverse

Recently, Jungkook has found another platform to connect with fans, and that is Stationhead. The BTS maknae has been hosting frequent virtual listening parties to interact with ARMYs while sharing his new music with them.

On July 26, the idol hosted one such stream on Stationhead, and a fan left a heartfelt comment for him. They thanked Jungkook for being the light in this dark world, and in response, he playfully asked them who made their world dark in the first place.

He then asked the ARMY to bring the person responsible so that he could “teach them a lesson.” Jungkook added that he has no patience for people who “darkened ARMY’s world.”

But a follow-up comment took him off guard. Jungkook stuttered while reading it out loud, where the ARMY said it was their professor who made their world dark. All the conviction from seconds ago vanished from his voice as he could only let out a cough in response. But he followed it up with a snicker, clearly amused by ARMYs’ sense of humor.

On the one hand, fans are endeared that he responded to the ARMY with the demeanor of an actual best friend, and on the other, they can’t help cracking up at how he dramatically retreated in the end.

During the same stream, Jungkook teased fans with the announcement of an upcoming “good news” and also a Weverse live at 1 AM (KST). Later, the singer updated the schedule on Weverse, notifying fans that he would be going live at 12 AM (KST) instead.