BTS’s Jungkook Just Dropped A Hint About His Ideal “Type” — And It Makes So Much Sense

This is what attracts him!

BTS‘s Jungkook has dropped some subtle (and not-so-subtle!) hints throughout the years about his ideal type of girl.

He’s listed personality traits that he finds attractive, such as ambition…

…and has even given celebrity examples that match his ideal type, including IU.

However, fans just learned something new about his “type” — and it totally fits him!

During his recent livestream, Jungkook read a ton of flirty comments from ARMYs. He didn’t hesitate to unleash the same “tease” energy right back!

One of the most notable moments was when he read a comment from a fan saying “Please don’t ignore us!” in a formal yet cute tone.

Jungkook found the comment so adorable that he giggled and repeated it to himself multiple times.

Hahahaha that’s so cute! ‘Please don’t ignore us~!’ *baby voice*

— Jungkook

He couldn’t help but swoon over the cute comment…

…and revealed that a comment like that is just his type!

*Swoons* So cute!! Totally my type.

— Jungkook

Of course, he had to repeat it just one more time with a big smile on his face.

It only makes sense that someone as adorable as Jungkook is looking for his own cutie…

…so if you want to impress him, try bringing out your cute side!

Check out more funny moments from the stream below.

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