BTS’s Jungkook Sends The Internet Into Meltdown After Teasing Possible New Music On His Instagram

Studio, hat, microphone… what else could it mean?

After BTS finished their schedule in America and started their well-deserved extended vacation, ARMYs worried that there would be no way to stay updated with the members. Luckily, they couldn’t have been more wrong as it is has been content galore with fans getting treated to content from the members daily.

Recently, BTS’s maknae Jungkook posted an update on Instagram that sent the internet into meltdown.

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During his time off, Jungkook has been sharing what he’s been doing on Instagram with ARMYs. In the past month, he’s introduced fans to his dog Bam‘s family

BTS’s Jungkook and Bam’s hyungs | @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz/ Instagram

Showcased his boxing training which unsurprisingly sent the internet into meltdown…

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He even shared the first time he met back up with some of the members and caused chaos with the help of some Bungeoppang.

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Yet, as exciting as those updates were, nothing compared to the one he shared on his Instagram on January 21. Fans couldn’t help but get excited when Jungkook’s latest update seemed to be proof that the members were back together and getting back into creating music.

In the post, it showed Jungkook back in the studio with the simple caption, “Heh?”

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Although it was only a simple picture, it was enough to send ARMYs into overdrive thinking of what it could mean.

While some thought he might just be getting back into the flow of things, others understandably thought it meant something more, whether it was a solo or collaboration with a member similar to the one he’s releasing with Suga

Or if it was teasing something to do with the BTS album that is going to be released at some point this year. All they knew was that Jungkook was recording something and the hat might prove there is a new color for upcoming promotions.

Also, although ARMYs shared their excitement, one other person did and it was none other than J-Hope who commented with a fire emoji. Whether it was in support or he knew what was going on, fans can rely on J-Hope to be in the comments.

It isn’t the first time the members have teased new music on their Instagram accounts.

At the end of last year, J-Hope posted some videos on his account of him in the studio creating music, and many thought it might be hinting about an upcoming second mixtape following the success of Hope World.

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram 

After the members have been seen meeting up in the HYBE building, it seems like a comeback or new music could be on the cards very soon.

Until then, we have to hope that the members continue to post teasers and ARMYs are more than treated with content through their accounts and the release of the self-designed merchandise. You can read more about the BTS members reuniting below.

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