ARMYs Tease That BTS’s Jungkook Is Becoming More Like Bam Every Day After A Live Broadcast

He really is Bam’s dad!

BTS‘s Jungkook and his dog, Bam, aren’t just besties for life!

According to fans, they’re starting to act more and more like each other every day.

It all started during J-Hope‘s recent live broadcast when Jungkook brought his hyper puppy energy. Despite having just finished a concert, he showed no signs of being tired!

However, the real moment he proved himself to be Bam’s dad was when his heightened sense of smell detected some unknown smells in J-Hope’s room.

It smells like clay in here!

— Jungkook

Jungkook began profusely sniffing around the room to find the source…

…and it wasn’t even coming from J-Hope’s candles!

Even J-Hope couldn’t smell what Jungkook was talking about…

…which proves that Jungkook’s crazy sense of smell is beyond what many others have!

You smell things really well!

— J-Hope

Jungkook has always been sensitive smells, whether they’re good…

…or not so good!

It’s official: ARMYs, only wear your best perfume around Jungkook!

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