BTS’s Concert Preparation Rules Will Give You Major Respect For Them

It’s not easy being a BTS member!

J-Hope recently revealed some of the things the BTS members do to make sure they’re in top shape for their performances and for some people, it’s definitely not as easy as he makes it sound!

The preparations start a day in advance before a show and they always make sure not to drink the night before a performance.

Usually, the members might have some champagne together to celebrate the conclusion of their tour, but since they had a performance at Jingle Ball the next day, they weren’t planning on drinking at all.

Keeping their bodies in perfect condition is just as important as putting on a good performance.

All of our members are always careful and take good care of themselves.

— J-Hope

According to J-Hope, following these conditions is something they must do in order to be the best versions of themselves during a performance.

Similarly, he keeps his food intake to a minimum the day of the show.

Before we started the concert, we arrived, and around 1:30 or 2, I had lunch and didn’t eat anything until the concert started.

— J-Hope

He makes sure to never eat before the show since it can negatively impact his performance.

However, that means he can always look forward to a delicious meal afterwards for a job well done.

All celebrations can happen after the show!

J-Hope also shared how he stays organized in his hotel room while on tour. Check it out below!

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