BTS’s Jimin And Jungkook Just Couldn’t Catch A Break On “Run BTS!”

The struggle is real!

During episode 148 of “Run BTS!,” the BTS members became interior designers and split into two teams to design rooms to their liking. While Suga painted the walls, Jimin and Jungkook took on the task of assembling furniture.

The two endured the hilarious struggles of setting up furniture, from Jungkook’s “WTF am I doing” moments…

…to the most irritating circumstances that would make most people give up, like when his nail suddenly flew across the room.

Jimin had his own struggles, including forgetting what a “drill” is called!

Where’s the thing that goes, ‘Wheeeeee?’

— Jimin

He also ripped the manual that he definitely needed.

In the end, the Busan boys did their best to assemble the furniture.

Even though they weren’t the best, ARMYs will still call them any day to help with their next IKEA purchase!

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