BTS’s Jungkook Joins The “Set Me Free Pt 2” Dance Challenge, But Not The Way You’d Expect

He is *way* too deep into ARMY’s business.

It seems like BTS‘s Jungkook has finally joined the “Set Me Free Pt 2” dance challenge, originally performed by his group member Jimin.

On March 24, “Set Me Free Pt 2,” the pre-release single for Jimin’s album Face, dropped and changed the trajectory of ARMYs’ lives. There was so much to take in— from Jimin’s never-heard-before vocal texture to his bare upper body in the music video to the powerful lyrics. But something that swept everyone off their feet was the song’s insane choreography.

Fans couldn’t stop praising Sienna Lalau, one of the lead creatives who made the choreography, and of course, Jimin for executing the difficult moves with so much grace that they almost looked easy.

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However, when the “Set Me Free Pt 2” dance challenge was posted on BTS’s social media accounts, most fans gave in because of the great difficulty level of the moves. That was until some ARMYs created a meme version of the challenge, imitating the dancers in the music video instead of Jimin.

The particular move that got meme-fied was from a scene where a few dancers kneel on the ground, quickly switching their hands while banging their heads back and forth.

Now, this version of the dance challenge is a niche ARMY affair, not very easily seen on social media platforms yet. In fact, there are many fans who don’t know about it either. But Jungkook seems to be more than updated with everything in his fandom. During his recent livestream on March 28, the singer decided to watch the latest Suchwita episode, where Jimin appeared as a guest. At one point during the show, “Set Me Free Pt 2” started playing in the background, and Jungkook joined in with the meme dance version like it was his second nature.

He again did the same dance after deciding to watch the official music video of “Set Me Free Pt 2.”

It’s also possible that he just picked it up from the original music video, but if that’s not the case, then…