“Truly A Master Choreographer:” BTS ARMY Celebrate Seeing A Familiar Face Credited For Jimin’s “Set Me Free Pt.2” Choreography

“… I hope she keeps working with the tannies.”

BTS‘s Jimin recently released his highly-anticipated music video for “Set Me Free Pt.2,” a pre-release for his solo debut album, FACE.

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

Although the song itself received some mixed reactions, there’s no denying that fans were in absolute awe of the artistic music video.

And captivating choreography.

Fans had high hopes for the choreography for “Set Me Free Pt.2,” given Jimin’s incredible dance skills, and were far from disappointed. So it wasn’t a surprise to fans that choreographer Sienna Lalau and The Lab had been involved in creating the choreography.

Sienna Lalau when she performed with BTS at SoFi | @sienna.lalau/ Instagram

As one of the songs Sienna Lalau has choreographed for BTS is “ON,” the parallels in the choreography made even more sense to fans.

And fans were also highly impressed to learn that not only had Sienna Lalau helped to create Jimin’s masterful performance, but she had also worked on the choreography while preparing for Rihanna‘s Super Bowl performance.

Sienna Lalau has spoken about her experience working with BTS in the past, praising their inspiring work ethic.

Not lying, they put everything of themselves in their performances and if it’s not perfect, they will practice until it is. But, they have fun too.

— Sienna Lalau

And fans hope that the talented choreographer will continue to work with BTS in the future.

You can read more about Sienna Lal here.

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You can watch the choreography for “Set Me Free Pt.2” here.


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