BTS’s Jungkook Responds To Questions About Latto’s “Overtly Sexual” Lyrics In “Seven” — Netizens React

Fans were shocked by the song’s NSFW lyrics.

BTS‘s Jungkook revealed what he thought of Latto’s lyrics on his newly released single, “Seven.”

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On July 14, Jungkook released his much-anticipated single, “Seven.” The song has become an instant hit with fans, who celebrated the song’s more mature sound.

“I’ll Be F*ckin’ You”: BTS’s Jungkook Shocks ARMYs With Sexually Explicit Solo Debut “Seven”

Accompanying the BTS member’s silky voice on the song is Latto.

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Latto, a rapper based in the United States, was featured in the song and rapped lyrics that aren’t commonly heard in K-Pop.

Tightly take control
Tightly take his soul
Take your phone and put it in the camera roll
Leave them clothes at the door
What you waiting for,
better come and hit ya goals
He jump in it both feet
Going to the sun-up, we ain’t getting no sleep
Seven days a week, seven different sheets,
seven different angles
I can be your fantasy

— Latto

In an interview with media outlet Variety, the idol was asked about Latto’s lyrics and what he thought of the rapper’s “overtly sexual” lyrics.

The whole song is sexy, but the lyrics of Latto’s rap make it a little more overtly sexual. That’s typical with a guest rap. But were you good with her taking it just a little more direct or extreme than you did?

— Variety

Jungkook responded by defending the rapper’s lyrics and stating that the rapper’s “Unique charm came through.”

I thought it was important that it suited the overall mood of the song, and Latto’s unique charm came through very well.

— Jungkook

Netizens reacted to the BTS member’s answer, with many praising Jungkook for standing up for his guest feature.

Many fans, however, were critical of the question for its alleged dismissive undertones.

Meanwhile, fans expressed their displeasure with Variety for their interview with Jungkook. Read more about it in the link below.

ARMYs Express Immense Anger At “Variety” Magazine For The Disrespect And Gaslighting In Their Interview With BTS’s Jungkook

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