ARMYs Notice Meaningful Detail In BTS Jungkook’s “Run BTS” Dance Challenge

His choice of shirt made a statement.

BTS‘s Jungkook made a statement with his recent choice of shirt.

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Recently, BTS launched their new TikTok dance challenge with their song “Run BTS!” Many fellow HYBE groups have since joined.

Jungkook joined the challenge, too, in a unique way. Rather than do the rigorous choreography, he did a much calmer, more accessible version. So, if you’re not a good dancer, you can participate too!

And it’s already catching on…

Yet, the accessibility of the new dance is not the only thing that caught ARMYs’ attention and has earned Jungkook praise for his consideration. His shirt choice also shows just how great he is…

The shirt in question is AJOBYAJO‘s “Oversized Mixed T-Shirt (White).” It costs $46 USD.


AJOBYAJO is one of the clothing brands in South Korea that openly supports the LGBTQIA+ community and has even collaborated with the LGBTQ+ collective Neon Milk. Its founder Ajo Kim hopes to educate consumers. While there has been some progress in recent years, Korea is still conservative, and this year, openly gay K-Pop idol HOLLAND even suffered a homophobic attack. So, to openly make a statement of allyship for LGBTQIA+ in Korea is commendable.

We want to introduce LGBTQ+ culture to a larger audience. Maybe it’s too ambitious to try to educate consumers, but we can at least show that this culture can be shared.

— Ajo Kim

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Actually, this isn’t the first time Jungkook (or any BTS member) has rocked clothing from AJOBYAJO. Both Jungkook and Suga especially have worn AJOBYAJO’s designs multiple times over the past years. They wore hoodies and checkered button-up shirts from the band a lot in 2017-2018, shortly after AJOBYAJO was founded.


The brand has a lot of unique and unisex clothing.

Remember that mixed yellow/white/black plaid button-up shirt that had a chokehold on K-Pop fashion? It’s also from AJOBYAJO!

While BTS have been outspoken LGBTQIA+ allies for years, recently, ARMYs noticed both Jimin and RM wearing items from brands’ Pride collections in recent photoshoots. Read more below.

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