The Only BTS Jungkook Lookalike Approved By The Man Himself

He *knows*.

Over the past few years, BTS member Jungkook has had many lookalikes, either in the same industry or just randomly on social media.


Fans often find his visuals similar to of Golden Child,

Y (Golden Child) | Ace Y

and Sungjin of DAY6 is also a worthy competitor on the list.

Sungjin (DAY6) | The Melody

A few years ago, an Instagram account going by the name “Chibana_of” also made fans do double takes because of his resemblance with Jungkook.

But the most recent, and perhaps the most fascinating doppelganger that the internet found was actually a woman.

When actor Shim Hyung Tak announced his marriage to a Japanese woman named Hirai Saya who is 18 years his junior, social media got abuzz with controversial takes. While people were on the fence about this couple’s age gap, everyone unitedly agreed that Hirai had an eery resemblance to Jungkook.

Her facial features are very similar to Jungkook’s, including the big doe eyes and bunny teeth. But some of her mannersims are also similar to the singer, which fascinated fans even more.

It soon became a hot topic across social media, and people joked that Shim Hyung Tak’s wife was actually Jungkook in a wig.

Now, it looks like this inside joke has reached the singer himself!

Jungkook returned to Weverse after almost a month and hosted an hour-long livestream to hang out with fans again. During the stream, he interacted with the viewers through comments, and noticed someone mentioning Shim Hyung Tak’s wife. He laughed saying that he has seen the comparisons and agrees that they do look very much alike.

Though Jungkook seems to be mostly aloof of social media, it looks like he stays on top of ARMY discourse regardless!


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