BTS Jungkook’s Crazy Original Ideas For His Own Merch Will Leave You Shook

Only Jungkook would say this!

BTS‘s Jungkook does everything with passion, including the creation of his own Artist-Made Collection merch! Recently, he revealed the design process with all of his original innovative ideas.


Upon creating the “Mikrokosmos Mood Lamp,” he cycled through a variety of unique design ideas, such as switching colors with color panels…

…as well as creating a rotating device with a motor included.

Upon seeing the original design that was more of a mood lamp than a projector, he took it in a more celestial direction with universe elements and colors based on the aurora.

Then we can add a universe that rotates with shooting stars falling down?

— Jungkook

As his wheels kept turning, Jungkook’s ideas just kept rolling in!

It’s as if the whole room becomes a universe. If people can experience that, it will be the best. You know, the lights converge into one point somewhere, like “ARMY” pops up and disappears.

— Jungkook

All of this might already seem like a finished product, but then he added another amazing feature and turned it into a Bluetooth speaker!

Of course, it shouldn’t make too much noise…

…and maybe it should also float in the air using a magnet!?

Plus, wireless charging is a must — Just kidding! Did Jungkook fool you with his “extra” ideas?

He has a lot of requests because he wants to make the best possible products for ARMYs to enjoy!

I hope these “friends” [products] receive a lot of love out there! Please show a lot of love for them.

— Jungkook