Filipina American Musician Melissa Polinar Expresses Gratitude To BTS’s Jungkook After Her Song Blows Up Over A Decade After It Was Written

Everyone will know her and Jeremy Passion now.

Recently, BTS‘s Jungkook has truly made his Instagram account his own. In doing so, he has shared some personal music recommendations by posting songs on Instagram Stories.


This way, he also proves what a cool and humble guy he is by spotlighting other artists. His latest Instagram update was Tuesday evening (KST), in which he shared “Never Change” by Jeremy Passion and Melissa Polinar.

Who are Jeremy Passion and Melissa Polinar?

Jeremy Passion is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter based in San Francisco, California. Despite working in the music industry for over a decade, he is an incredibly underrated musician.

Jeremy Passion is a singer/songwriter born and raised in San Francisco, CA. Known for being one of the pioneers of the acoustic R&B movement online, Passion has spent the last 15 years traveling and singing in over 35 countries and has released a number of videos and albums throughout his career. Writing songs with themes of love, life, family, and faith, you’ll quickly understand why he goes by the name of Passion.

โ€” Jeremy Passion’s bio

Jeremy Passion |

Likewise, Melissa Polinar is a very talented singer-songwriter who has also been in the industry for over a decade yet doesn’t go recognized enough as she deserves. She is a Filipina American musician. Throughout the years, she has attempted to get her name out in many ways through YouTube and collaborations, such as with Jeremy Passion.

It was during the formidable years between her YouTube videos and her extensive songwriting experience at a young age in Nashville when she began to fit into her shoes evolving to the artist that she is today. As the old industry further gave way to the social media era, she was able to reach more of an audience with her work than had arguably ever been available for Asian-American artists before. Polinar put a face and a voice to rising artists worldwide from the early stages of her career onward – thanks to her Internet presence and grassroots approach. In March of 2017, these events culminated into a spotlight for Polinar at SXSW (South by Southwest) in its first official Asian-American showcase put on by the LA-based nonprofit Kollaboration.

โ€” Melissa Polinar’s bio

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So, knowing what great artists these two are and how hard they’ve worked to get to where they are today, fans were especially excited to see Jungkook listening to their song. ARMY Kat A (@kathlynanne on Instagram) posted a screenshot of Jungkook’s post to her feed and her own Stories. She tagged Jeremy Passion and Melissa Polinar, informing them of the big news.

Of course, she wasn’t the only ARMY to do this. So, soon enough, the artists’ phones blew up with notifications. Melissa was shocked to see her social media accounts filled with notifications. Since then, she has reposted Kat’s post and some others to her Instagram Stories.

A song I wrote/recorded in 2010, then re-recorded by one of my closest friends @jeremypassion in 2020, reached the ears of a BTS member @bts.bighitofficial in 2022 #Jungkook

Here’s to songwriting.

โ€” Melissa Polinar

| @mpolinar/Instagram

Melissa also revealed that she had written and recorded “Never Change” twelve years ago. In 2020, she re-recorded it with her friend, Jeremy Passion. Now, in 2022, Jungkook listened to it and shared it with ARMY, officially blowing it up. She expressed her gratitude in a sincere post on both Instagram and Twitter.

As she said, “Never Change” was written and recorded back in 2010. The original version was uploaded on her YouTube channel back then, which is still available to watch. At this time, it hasย 146,989 views.

And, if you check out the comment section, Jeremy was in awe of the song back then. Little did he know that years later, he would not only re-record the song with Melissa but that their version would go viral.

| Melissa Polinar/YouTube

Since hearing the song, ARMYs are also loving it. Thanks to Jungkook, we now have other great artists to add to our playlists.

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Listen to “Never Change” below:

Source: @mpolinar, Melissa Polinar and Jeremy Passion

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