BTS’s Jungkook Has Officially Joined The Latest K-Pop Idol Workout Craze 

Would you ever try this?

Recently, BTS‘s Jungkook held a livestream where he he greeted fans after a while and sang some karaoke.

He discussed everything from his viral look-alike to his future military service. He also revealed that after taking a break, he’s focusing on exercise again.

These days… These days, I’m back into working out.

— Jungkook

However, this time he’s trying something new!

I’ve been doing Pilates, too. I kind of have to go back to maintaining my body.

— Jungkook

Revealing he has a pinched shoulder, Pilates is a great restorative form of exercise that can help with these kinds of aches and pains.

My shoulder… I guess my right shoulder isn’t that good. Whenever I work out, my shoulder kind of pinches. It’s because I’ve curled my body since I was young.

— Jungkook

Not only have other BTS members like J-Hope and RM tried Pilates, many other K-Pop idols have also dabbled in the viral form of exercise.

Peniel (BTOB) | @btobpeniel/Instagram
Taeil (NCT) | @mac.pilatespt/Instagram

It is popular among both male and female idols as it is a low impact form of exercise that helps with core strength, flexibility, and recovery.

Jang Wonyoung (IVE) | MBC 
Jennie (BLACKPINK) | @jennierubyjane/Instagram 

It can also help in curing imbalances and various pains, such as TWICE Nayeon‘s experience with curing her back pain.

Nayeon (TWICE) | TWICE/YouTube

Now we need him to pick which one he likes better: Pilates or aerial yoga!

| Weverse


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