BTS’s Jungkook Earns Praise For His Response To A Hate Comment During “Stationhead” Listening Party

“You’ve been looking into other idol groups?”

BTS‘s Jungkook recently hosted his first of three live Stationhead listening parties to celebrate the release of his new solo single “3D” with American rapper Jack Harlow.

BTS’s Jungkook (left) and Jack Harlow (right) | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Stationhead listening parties give fans the unique opportunity to listen to music along with some of their favorite idols live, all while being able to leave comments or ask questions through Stationhead’s live chat feature.

During Jungkook’s first “3D” livestream, the BTS maknae was, unfortunately, subject to some hate comments from internet trolls, including one who informed Jungkook that they were “looking into other idol groups.

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Jungkook noticed the comment, and instead of ignoring it, he addressed it in a way that earned praise from ARMYs and netizens.

After reading the comment out loud, Jungkook agreed that the netizen had the right to support whoever they wanted while acknowledging and “accepting” that he has “haters” but is “grateful for those who support [him.]

You’ve been looking into other idol groups? Haha, that’s your right! You’re free to do so. I’m grateful for those who support me. But there are plenty of people who don’t like me. You’re all my fans here, so you all like me. But I have haters. I live knowing that and just accepting it as a fact.

— BTS’s Jungkook

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Jungkook went on to say that he doesn’t “care too much” about the haters, realizing that they’re all human, and instead spends his time focusing on those who love and support him.

I don’t really care too much about them. They’re human, I’m human. I’d rather focus on working hard for the fans who do love and support me. So… I don’t mind it.

— BTS’s Jungkook

The BTS maknae maturely added that he appreciates the hate comments in a way because it still means the netizen is spending time on him,

In fact, I’m grateful for even the malicious comments. It means they’re spending their time on me. I’d consider that some sort of interest. Right? They’re different kinds of fans. If they had absolutely no interest in me, they wouldn’t. So, I thank them for their time. I don’t like them, though. I don’t have to like them, do I? Of course, I love the ones who love me. I wouldn’t love people who say bad things about me. I work for those who support me.

— BTS’s Jungkook

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Jungkook again stressed that his hard work and time are spent focusing on fans, and while he’s human and may “let [fans] down” or “[not] be enough,” his love for ARMYs “won’t ever change.

And of course, sometimes I’ll let them down. Sometimes I won’t be enough. And sometimes I’ll be disappointing. But my love won’t ever change. I’m going to keep trying my best for the people who love me. I can promise you that won’t ever change.

— BTS’s Jungkook

The BTS member concluded by promising to continue to do his best for ARMYs until his “knees give out and [his] voice won’t come out anymore.

I’ll keep going until my knees give out and my voice won’t come out anymore. Even then, I’ll look for ways to keep going. But my point is, I’ll do my best. I receive so much strength from you all, I have to work hard.

— BTS’s Jungkook

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ARMYs praised Jungkook’s mature response to the hate comment, loving his polite “clapback” to haters.

During his first “3D” Stationhead listening party, he also revealed the story behind his shoulder injury.

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