BTS’s Jungkook Is Reportedly Building A Mansion In A Luxurious Neighborhood In Seoul

It is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city.

According to an exclusive report by Biz Hankook on April 4, BTS maknae Jungkook is building a five-story mansion in one of the poshest areas in Seoul.

In early 2021, news outlets reported that Jungkook had purchased a ₩7.63 billion KRW (about $5.83 million USD) house in Itaewon Hill, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Seoul. The two-storied building was a red-brick detached house built in 1976. After the BTS member purchased the property in December 2020, it took him more than two years to get a construction permit at the site from the Yongsan-gu office in July 2022.

BTS’s Jungkook Flexes His Wealth Again, Purchasing A $7 Million USD Home In Itaewon

The two-storied building was entirely demolished in December 2022 and is now under construction to be rebuilt as a five-story mansion. Jungkook’s new house is reportedly being built by the construction company named Saram Joongsim, and the design is said to include two floors in the basement and three ground floors. The total floor area is supposedly 1161.04 sq. meters (351 pyeong).

Jungkook’s house under construction at Itaewon Hill | Biz Hankook 

According to reports, the construction work of Jungkook’s luxurious mansion will be completed by May of next year. After the completion of the house, he will be neighbors with people like SK Group Chairman Choi Tae Won, Shinsegae Group Chairman Lee Myung Hee, Nongshim Group Chairman Shin Dong Won, and DB Group founder Kim Joon Ki.

Source: Biz Hankook


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