BTS’s Jungkook Says That RM Will Be His “Rapmon Hyung” Forever

He plans to call RM by this nickname for many more years to come.

Stage names change, but the Golden Maknae’s love stays the same.

Kim Namjoon, the leader of BTS, goes by “RM” now, but he had several name changes over the years. As a teen, RM tore up the underground hip hop scene as Runch Randa, LargoThe Nexist, and Stealo before debuting as Rap Monster in 2013.

In 2017, Rap Monster officially changed his stage name to RM to mark an artistic change in his career.

After promoting under this name for awhile, I realized my name was really long and the name Rap Monster wasn’t representative of the type of music I wanted to do in the future. Also, as time went by, people referred to me was Rapmon or RM for short. I have decided to change my name to RM to mark a different period in my artistic path.

— RM

Jungkook, however, is still calling RM “Rapmon hyung“, and he plans to keep doing it forever.

In a scene from BTS’s Memories of 2019 DVD, J-Hope asked Jungkook, “Will you keep calling him Rapmon?” 

“He’ll be Rapmon hyung to me forever,” Jungkook playfully replied. “Just give up now, I’ll always call him Rapmon hyung.” 

How does RM feel about being Rapmon hyung for eternity? He’s totally cool with it.

This isn’t the first time BTS have talked about Jungkook’s cute habit. In Episode 5 of Bon Voyage 4, Jimin pointed out it while RM was packing up their campervan. “To Jungkook, RM will always be his Rapmon hyung,” he said.

Even when BTS are old men, and their idol days are long behind them, Jimin believes that Jungkook will still be calling RM by this nickname.

Like their friendship, it’s just meant to be.

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