ARMYs Notice A Special Meaning Behind The Details In BTS Jungkook’s Merch, And It’s Truly Heartwarming

Everything Jungkook does is for ARMYs!

Since BTS announced that they would release their own self-designed merchandise, the internet has been waiting each week for the next member to showcase their designs.

Jin started it off with the most adorable pair of pajamas, and it was followed by notebooks, bags, wind chimes, and much more that perfectly described each members’ style and personality.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

The most recent member to release information on their merchandise is none other than the group’s maknae Jungkook! Considering how creative and stylish Jungkook is when it comes to everything he does, it isn’t surprising that ARMYs had high hopes… luckily, they weren’t disappointed.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_twt/ Twitter

On January 21 (KST), HYBE Merch announced Jungkook’s merchandise, and ARMYs were shook when they saw how beautiful they were. The first item was a “MIKROKOSMOS MOOD LAMP” that connects with your device and sends beautiful colors into the room.

| @HYBE_MERCH/ Twitter

Jungkook’s voice narrating the video made everything seem even more mesmerizing and beautiful.

| @HYBE_MERCH/ Twitter 

The next item was equally as beautiful but more everyday use as it was an “ARMYST ZIP-UP HOODY.” With the beautiful colors and minimalistic design, it’s the perfect way to have BTS with you at all times.

| @HYBE_MERCH/ Twitter

As expected, when the information about the merchandise was released, ARMYs couldn’t hide their love and excitement for the beautiful items that perfectly embodied who Jungkook is as a person and artist.

However, one thing, in particular, caught the attention of ARMYs, and that was the logo on the hoody. The logo on the piece says “ARMYST,” and straight away, fans assumed that it was a combination of the two words “ARMY” and the purple-colored crystal called amethyst.

| @HYBE_MERCH/ Twitter

Although it seems obvious why “ARMY” was used, fans couldn’t get over the meaning behind picking the amethyst as the second choice. Of course, purple is synonymous with BTS…


Yet, it means much more than that. According to those who study crystals and their purposes, amethysts have been known as a stone with healing powers. It is so precious for many because it is seen as protective and can help relieve stress and anxiety in your life. It is also one that is seen to give people the strength who need it.

| MyCrystals

When ARMYs started sharing their thoughts online, others couldn’t get over how creative Jungkook was finding a way to send positive vibes and strength wherever they go.

Many also shared that it is a stone that Jungkook has been seen wearing a lot.

| @taebokkiii/ Twitter

| @taebokkiii/ Twitter

There is no denying that Jungkook has found the perfect way to comfort fans worldwide with his merch. Along with the other members, they have all created items that allow BTS to be with them no matter where they go. All it takes is lightning reactions to try and manage to buy them before they sell out.

You can read more about the members putting heart and thought into their self-designed merch below.

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