ARMY Are Loving A Small Detail They Noticed Included In Jimin’s New Merch

His merch is nothing but pure comfort.

In the newest addition to the “Artist-Made Collection,” BTS‘s Jimin‘s merch photos have officially dropped. His merch will be made available for purchase on January 18th.

The first design released is a simple but immensely meaningful purple hoodie with the lettering “YOU NEVER WALK ALONE.”

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

The words are an apparent reference to BTS’s album YOU NEVER WALK ALONE, a supplementary addition to their WINGS album. According to HYBE Entertainment‘s website, YOU NEVER WALK ALONE is meant to be “a message of warm consolation and hope for the suffering youth of this generation.”


And Jimin’s merchandise is only going to further that goal of comfort. While hoodies are literally comfortable, more notably, ARMY found tiny details on the photos that made them emotional.

For instance, not only the meaning behind the prominent lettering, but the top of the actual hood says “SEVEN WITH YOU.” Referencing all seven members of BTS always being there to support ARMY.

And Jimin’s merch also includes a beautiful pair of red carving earrings.

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

Which ARMY thought only made sense given Jimin’s love for wearing beautiful accessories, especially earrings.

But ARMY were maybe most touched by a small detail they noticed in both pieces of merch.

On both the drawstrings of the hoodies and one of the parts of the earrings, Jimin included the number “13.”

The drawstrings on the hoodie | @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter
At the very back “v” shaped part of the earrings, there’s the number “13” | @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

Previously Jimin has shared that 13 is his favorite number. Because while it may be considered an unlucky number by some, it represents both his birthday, October 13th, and BTS’s debut date, June of 2013.

The number is so meaningful to the idol that he actually has a tattoo of the number on his wrist. And now, of course, he’s included it in his touching merch design as well.

And while ARMY are absolutely loving the designs and how representative of Jimin they are…

Some ARMY are still worried about how quickly the items will sell out.

But all we can do is hope for the best in securing these beautiful and meaningful items.