ARMYs Are Scared For BTS’s Jimin’s Merch Drop After V’s Collection Sells Out In A Matter Of Seconds

This whole ordeal is giving us war flashbacks to when the PTD tickets went on sale 😭

Ever since BIGHIT Music announced that BTS would be going on their second ever extended vacation, ARMYs were happy at the thought of the seven members getting a chance to relax and enjoy their lives. We quickly learned that a “break” for BTS did not mean a “break” for ARMYs however, as plenty of content has been released since.

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We’ve had Vogue Korea and GQ Korea‘s covers and interviews, all seven members’ personal Instagram accounts, upcoming WEBTOON teasers, and BTS’s own “Artist-Made Collection” of merchandise.

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As the release of the merchandise was announced, ARMYs were excited to see what each of the members designed for their collections with ARMYs in mind.

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Jin led the pack with cute pajama sets and pillows, RM thoughtfully released a wind chime and jogger pants, and V was the most recent drop with his Boston bag and brooch sets. All three members sold out their merch on Weverse‘s Global, USA, and Japan shops despite all the mayhem the pricing incurred on Twitter.

V’s Mute Boston Bag sold out in a matter of seconds. Some ARMYs claimed that it was less than 60 seconds, and others claimed that it was actually 2. Either way, those are seconds we’re talking about.

Weverse’s Japan Shop sold out of the Boston bag before the product even released!

With the merch drops getting harder and harder to score, of course ARMYs then hilariously wondered if they would be able to get their hands on Jimin‘s merch when it drops on January 18th.

ARMYs are “pre-panicking” at the thought!

Fans are theorizing that Jimin’s merch might include his rendition of one of his signature accessories.

No matter what Jimin’s merch ends up being, ARMYs are positive that they’re going to sell out super fast.

If Jimin’s merch has ARMYs “pre-scared,” ARMYs are pre “pre-scared” for the Golden Maknae Jungkook‘s merch line drop.

ARMYs are theorizing that his collection will sell out before it even drops!

The ARMYs who were able to get their hands on one of the members’ merch collections are definitely the lucky ones! Now we’ll just wait to see what the remaining members release in the coming weeks.

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Be sure to check out exactly how fast V’s collection sold out below.

“Sold Out King” BTS’s V Strikes Again As His Self Designed Merch Sells Out In A Matter Of Seconds, And ARMYs Had The Funniest Reactions


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