BTS’s Jungkook Talks About His Self-Produced Track, “Still With You”

The talented maknae shared his composing process.

The Golden Maknae released his self-produced track, “Still With You”, on SoundCloud on the 5th of June, as part of the much-anticipated FESTA celebrations that occur once a year. The URL of the track is even customized to spell out, “Thank you Army”.

Festa celebrates the date of BTS‘s debut on June 13th. During his guest appearance on fellow member Suga’s V Live radio show, “DJ Suga’s Honey FM 06.13”, Jungkook decided to share with fans his emotions and process on creating the track.

Despite his nerves from being on the radio show, Jungkook shared that he had wanted to write a song to show his sincere emotions towards Army, as part of FESTA.

“I was home alone one day, and the room was dark. I like the dark. The air-conditioner was turned on and the melody suddenly came to me. I added lyrics to that, and worked on the next line of melody, then the next lyrics, and I had about four lines. I went to the studio and thought that this kind of tempo would be good, so I turned on the recorder and completed working on the melody and the lyrics.”

— Jungkook

He further shared that he sent it to producer Pdogg, and they talked back and forth about the direction he wanted for the song as well as the vibes, and eventually completed it together. Jungkook also said he felt good as he was able to tell fans how much he loved them.

The lovable member also confessed that it had been a long time since he did a radio show, and is happy to have spent the time communicating with Army, saying he missed Army a lot.

The track is available on BTS’s official SoundCloud, which is used consistently by the members to share self-produced tracks apart from their officially released music. Thankfully the site is back up after it was crashed by fans eager to listen to the tune immediately upon release.