BTS’s Jungkook Shows His Close Bonding With V With One Simple Detail

The dynamic of the youngest two is still going strong!

BTS members V and Jungkook have always shared a close bond and were often known to be the two troublemakers of the group when they were young.

(Left) BTS’s Jungkook and (right) V | @thv/Instagram

Since the early days of BTS, the duo is always involved in chaotic shenanigans, pranking each other and the other BTS members like it’s a daily chore.

Even after spending a decade in the same group and undergoing so many life changes as they evolved into their adult selves, Jungkook and V still, maintain a close bond. Since BTS took a temporary break from group activities to focus on their solo ventures and finish their mandatory military service, it has become hard for fans to catch a glimpse of the members together. But these two have still managed to interact with ARMYs together multiple times over the past few months.

They jointly held an Instagram live back in February, becoming the first and only members of the group to do so. Though the livestream had to be cut short due to technical issues, fans couldn’t be happier to see them virtually together after so long.

Then, V appeared in Jungkook’s Weverse livestream along with J-Hope in April. The three members were hanging out at the maknae’s house at night and decided to greet fans briefly. It was a treat for fans who had missed seeing the members together for a long time.

V and Jungkook again reunited at a movie premiere. V’s close friend Park Seo Joon was part of a movie called Dream, and though fans had expected V to show up at the premiere along with the other “Wooga Squad” members, it was pretty shocking when he walked out of the door with Jungkook following behind.

In a recent interview with Spotify Korea, Jungkook showed exactly how close he is to V, even when it comes to artistic pursuits.

As a part of the promotions for his solo single “Seven,” Jungkook filmed a fun interview with K-Pop ON! Spotify to answer ARMYs’ burning questions about the song. He randomly selected questions for the interview and answered them while playing in a ball pit.

One of the questions asked him who was the first person he played “Seven” for, and the singer responded that it was V. After finishing the recording for “Seven,” he made V listen to the song right away.

Jungkook also added that whenever they make something new, they share that music with each other. Funnily though, their tastes in music couldn’t be more different. “Our taste in music doesn’t match at all,” Jungkook said with a laugh.

Despite their difference in musical preferences, the fact that they are comfortable sharing their works with each other is a telling sign of their close bonding. While ARMYs are happy that the two members are such solid support systems for each other, they couldn’t help but feel jealous that the two get to hear each other’s scrapped songs like Jungkook’s “Decalcomania” or V’s “Travel With Me” that may never see the light of the day again.

Oh, to be in either of their shoes!


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