Fans Are Loving BTS Jungkook’s Straightforward Response To “Aegyo” Request

He received the request during a live streaming session.

One of the many common practices that K-Pop idols usually have to abide by with respect to “fan service” is aegyo.

The term, loosely translated, could be explained as “acting cute.” A person who naturally has cute tendencies or a way of speaking is often said to “have a lot of aegyo.” But when idols are asked to do aegyo, it usually implies displaying cuteness through child-like gestures, high-pitched voice, and speech.

Though aegyo is a staple of idol culture, fans, especially non-Koreans, are starting to grow out of it. To some, it is cringey, and they would rather not see a grown person be asked to act like a child if they are personally not inclined to. Some idols also often express that they are uncomfortable with the practice.

BTS’s youngest member, Jungkook, has always been regarded with extreme endearment among fans. When he debuted, he was just a young teenager, and both his members and ARMYs have a special fondness for the maknae. While Jungkook has always received their love with gratitude, in the past few years, he has occasionally expressed his reluctance to be treated like an actual child by some fans.

BTS’s Jungkook | Dazed UK

Recently, Jungkook hosted a listening party on the platform Stationhead, where he interacted with ARMYs in real-time. While responding to the comments, he came across someone requesting him to do aegyo. In response, he gave a simple rejection, saying that he couldn’t do it anymore.

Fans are loving this unfiltered honesty from the idol, praising him for setting clear boundaries. On the other hand, some ARMYs also pointed out that given the naturally cute personality of Jungkook, there was never a need for him to do aegyo anyway.