“Who Is It?” BTS’s Jungkook Addresses The Viral ARMY In His Encore Performance

She’s a legend!

BTS‘s Jungkook is the latest special guest on Suga‘s Suchwita. According to the teaser, we can look forward to the duo discussing the origin of his nickname, the backstory of his tattoos, and more.

One of the best parts of the teaser was when Jungkook discussed a live clip from his encore performance that went viral for a hilarious reason!

The clip gained attention for a single moment that could be easily overlooked.

Suga even knew the exact timestamp of the video where the funny moment occurred.

The legendary 3 minutes and 37 seconds!

— Suga

The clip they’re discussing is none other than Jungkook’s Inkigayo encore performance of “Seven.” He took home first place and did an encore performance for his loyal fans.

However, when looking at the most-watched parts of the video, you can see that aside from Jungkook winning the prize and beginning his performance, there’s a sudden spike in viewership at 3:37.

| Inkigayo/YouTube

It turns out at this time, an ARMY was passionately singing/screaming along! They sang so loud that it was picked up on the fancam’s audio.



This clip was so funny to Jungkook that he even asked during a Weverse livestream who the offender was.

Who is it? Who said [that] at 3:37? ‘Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…’ *Laughing*

— Jungkook

On Suchwita, he made up an even funnier reason for her antics.

I think she wanted to sing in harmony!

— Jungkook

Check out the hilarious moment below.