BTS’s Jungkook Reveals His Tattoo Sleeve On “Run BTS!”

He has added a new tattoo to his sleeve.

Goodbye censor blurs and hello ink! BTS‘s Jungkook is giving everyone a clear look at his tattoo sleeve.

In summer 2019, Jungkook achieved his teenage dream of getting inked. More than ten unique tattoos now cover his right arm from his fingers to his shoulder.

Although fans have caught glimpses of Jungkook’s tattoos, his body art has been covered up, blurred, and even Photoshopped out for TV shows and appearances.

Big Hit Entertainment removed Jungkook’s tattoos for this “In the SOOP” promo photo.

On Episode 125 of Run BTS!, Jungkook rolled up his sleeves for a cooking lesson, allowing viewers to spot a new tattoo of a microphone on his forearm. This tattoo was added sometime after BTS filmed their “ON” MV in 2020.

| Run BTS!/Weverse
| Run BTS!/Weverse

For the first time, fans are also getting a clear look at Jungkook’s red eye tattoo near his elbow.

| Run BTS!/Weverse
| Run BTS!/Weverse

Fans first spotted this previously unseen tattoo last summer when BTS left their BANG BANG CON: THE LIVE concert.

The tattoo also made a blurry appearance in Episode 2 of In the SOOP.

Shortly after Run BTS! aired on January 19th, Jungkook’s tattoos became a top trending topic on Twitter. ARMYs are shouting out their love for the Golden Maknae, and many hope to see more of his body art in the future.

| Run BTS!/Weverse