Teen Jungkook Wanted To Do These Things As An Adult, Now He Has

He’s achieved his big dreams, and the small ones too.

When BTS‘s Jungkook puts his mind to it, nothing can stop him from achieving his dreams, big or small!


Five years ago, Jungkook was a teen rookie who couldn’t wait to grow up. While filming the 2014 reality show American Hustle Life, he talked about all the things he dreamed of doing as a grown up.


Firstly, he wanted to come of age so that his members and staff could drink alcohol at their company get-togethers. At the time, Jungkook said that the staff didn’t drink because of him, and his older members didn’t like drinking.


He dreamed of throwing parties just for himself and his members to have a good time.


Next, Jungkook said that he wanted to learn how to drive.


His third adult wish? A tattoo!


Right after Jungkook said this, Suga arrived and teased him about getting inked. After all, what would the fans say?


Jungkook insisted that ARMY would cut him some slack because he loves them and they love him.


While pointing at his hand/arm, Jungkook told Suga that fans would think his tattoo is cute. It turns, he was right!


Recently, Jungkook arrived at Incheon International Airport with a hand tattoo that may or may not be permanent. Fans are loving the tattoo, which says “ARMY” across his knuckles.


Over the past 5 years, Jungkook has also gotten his driver’s license…


…and he’s finally old enough to share drinks with his members!


Check out Jungkook’s wishlist here: