BTS’s Jimin Turned Jungkook’s Boxing Lesson Into A Comedy Show

Jimin turned this training session into a comedy show.

Jungkook and Jin‘s boxing club just added a new member: Jimin!

At midnight on August 20 (KST), the first episode of “In the SOOP” premiered on Weverse. Much like Bon Voyage, this new vacation program shows BTS taking a trip together. Unlike Bon Voyage though, it’s a “stay-cation” in Korea, and the staff have minimal involvement in planning BTS’s activities. The itinerary is completely up to the members.

In Episode 1, Jimin decided to try Jin and Jungkook’s hobby, boxing. It’s been a whole six years since fans have seen him punching a punching bag like he did in BTS’s “Danger” MV. Let’s just say that a lot has changed since then!

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To prep Jimin for boxing, Trainer Jungkook carefully wrapped his hands to prevent injuries. Without hand wraps, the impact of hitting a punching bag can hurt the bones, tendons, and muscles in a boxer’s hands and wrists.

Skip the wraps, and this might happen!

Wrapped and ready? Let the lesson begin! As expected, this training session got silly as soon as Jimin put on his gloves…

…and struck these adorable poses.

Jungkook was all business as he demonstrated how to hit the bag with controlled movements and proper breathing, pivoting on his back foot to give each strike more power.

Jimin, however, had other plans. He started shoving the bag around to make Jungkook laugh.

This amateur boxer might not be ready for the ring any time soon, but he’ll have a lot of fun training for it!