BTS’s Jungkook Breaks Down In Tears During Live Broadcast While Talking About His Recent Injury

The accident made Jungkook reflect on a lot things.

Jungkook was a bit teary eyed as he talked about his recent injury and the impact of having to miss out on performing with BTS.


The BTS member was a bit emotional after having to sit out throughout most of their concert in London last week. He sustained a minor injury to his heel during rehearsal and broke down as he talked about the incident with his fans. 

BTS Jungkook Breaks Down During London Concert


In a recent live broadcast, he reflected on the impact his injury has caused – including having to miss some of BTS’s performances during their concert stops across Europe. 

“I did regret it. I did not think it would have happened and it was so sad because the members performed bright songs such as “So What” and I couldn’t join them. At that moment, I was a bit embarrassed that I could not manage it.” 


He was overwhelmed by the support sent by his fans over the injury. 

“I had a lot of time to think and reflect. I think these things have become an opportunity for me to become more mature. I regret it but it’s something that cannot be helped. The past has already passed and I am working hard on what I can do. I started enjoying the show afterwards…” 


Even Jungkook’s recent twitter updates have reflected his somber mood regarding his injury.


In spite of the fact that he’s been forced to sit at the side of the stage rather than performing on it, Jungkook seems to have accepted the reality of his injury and has come to find a measure of enjoyment in just being present.


Way to go, Jungkook! Check out the full video below.


Source: DailySports and Newsen