BTS’s Jungkook Updates ARMYs On How Jin Is Doing During His Weverse Live

They still talk!

BTS‘s Jungkook gave ARMYs an update on Jin.

Jungkook (left) and Jin (right) | BIGHIT MUSIC

In December 2022, Jin became the first member of BTS to enlist for mandatory military service. Occasionally, the army has given official updates regarding Jin…

The first image of Jin in his uniform via the official “The Camp” app | The Camp

Jin also promised to update ARMYs occasionally. He surprised us with a Weverse update, including photos of himself in uniform in January.

I’m having a good time. I am posting this picture after receiving permission from the military. ARMYs always be happy and be well.

— Jin

| Weverse



Since then, we have not had many official updates. Luckily, we have some additional reliable sources: BTS.

Jungkook finally made his long-awaited return to Weverse with a chaotic live broadcast.

During the Weverse Live, Jungkook read ARMYs’ comments, including one asking about Jin. So, he gave a brief but reassuring update.

Jin hyung? I think Jin hyung‘s been well.

— Jungkook

According to Jungkook, Jin still messages in the BTS group chat when he has time. He’s the best hyung; still checking on the members!

He occasionally sends messages in group chat.

— Jungkook

Previously, V updated ARMYs about Jin in his Weverse Live.

BTS’s V Proves Just How Much He Misses Jin During His Recent Live Broadcast